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On this page you’ll find a selection of templates, workshops and courses to turn your copy from 'meh' into sales-boosting magic.

👉 If you love to DIY, you'll find plenty of options

I love coming up with new ideas and creating products around them, so there will be plenty of new products being created over time.

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Turn Lurkers Into Buyers With My Proven 6-Figure Sales Page Framework
(now supercharged with the power of AI)

  • The 6-Figure Sales Page Framework

  • Sales Page Workbook

  • The Messaging Matrix Template

  • ChatGPT Prompt Guide

Learn the strategy and emails that made £8K for my client - with a tiny list and low-ticket product (and how you could double or triple those results)

  • A 90 minute workshop on the exact email framework I used to make £8K of sales from a tiny list of 200

  • A step-by-step walk through of the (repeatable) strategy and content that got these results - broken into short videos

  • A breakdown of the the specific individual emails we used (and that you can use too)

  • Transcripts of all the videos

  • Recording includes a Q&A session for a deeper dive into how to make this your own and get similar results in your businesses

How to create and position a powerful lead magnet that grows your audience

  • A walkthrough on the 4 main steps of a lead magnet funnel, with real-life examples

  • How to find out what your audience wants

  • How to choose your lead magnet

  • Essential tech tools for creating your lead magnet

Mini-training and templates on how to clean up your email list to improve lead generation

  • Re-engaging your audience provides a fresh start and more take-up for your latest offer

  • Super-easy to use. Simply fill in the highlighted sections as needed, and you're good to go

  • Including bite-sized explainers. Understand the theory behind the strategy for more conversions

A year's worth of weekly newsletter ideas to keep your audience engaged and buying

  • Email prompts with explainers and real-life examples to easily turn into your own

  • Frameworks for storytelling that creates more audience engagement

  • 10 ideas for your email PS

  • Bonus training: Subject Lines That Skyrocket Open Rates

Proven frameworks with real-life examples for posts that generate more leads and sales

  • Posts to grow your email list, FB group, and network

  • Engagment posts, and posts to get more clients

  • Bonus 1: Using ChatGPT to come up with freebie ideas

  • Bonus 2: Database of Facebook groups that allow promotions

Take the guesswork out of creating registration pages that swell your audience

  • Create a freebie registration page

  • Create a masterclass registration page

  • Create a 5-day challenge registration page

  • Bonus: Mini-training on How to Write a Click-Worthy Headline (including 60 proven headline templates)

How to sell your value-packed micro offer, and turn buyers into red hot high-ticket leads

  • 3 social media frameworks for selling your micro-offer

  • Examples and swipes included for every step of each framework

  • Example social media posts written using the frameworks (so you can see them in action)

  • 20 money-making ideas for creating micro-offers (including headlines)

How to come up with ideas for your Black Friday campaign and promote it to your audience

  • Black Friday email templates

  • Black Friday subject lines spreadsheet

  • Black Friday promo ideas

  • Airtable planning and content calender

Your welcome emails need to introduce you and build trust. These sequences work like a charm!

  • Welcome sequences for freebies, 5-day challenges, and masterclasses

  • Bonus 1: Mini-Training How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

  • Bonus 2: A collection of PS statements (swipe file)

Proven frameworks for email sequences that deliver more sales (whatever the occasion)

  • 6 part plug'n'play template with real life examples

  • How to segment your email list

  • Ideas for how to use ChatGPT to support your flash sale

The Email Shortcut

Write High-Converting Sales Emails In Minutes (Instead Of Hours)

Get access to a game-changing copywriting system that writes your sales email sequence for you (without sacrificing your voice, your values or your profit)

  • 8 x Persuasion-Trigger Email Templates - carefully crafted templates that leverage proven sales psychology for easy-win sales

  • The Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt System - get the first draft of your email written in minutes

  • The Email Shortcut Method - combine the templates with the ChatGPT prompts for a system to write UNLIMITED emails across multiple offers

  • The Email Shortcut Workbook & Videos - follow along the simply step-by-step process. Rinse and repeat each time you want to send an email

  • Support and feedback in my client-only FB group PLUS a group messenger chat you can join.

The Sales Page Shortcut

Supercharge Sales Of Your Online Course, Program or Service (using the power of ChatGPT)

Get the shortcut to writing sales pages that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing ‘copy’)


    On-demand videos that walk you through how to craft the 15 key sections of your winning sales page.


    The Sales Page Shortcut Workbook guides you through EXACTLY what to write (and where), so you don't get stuck or confused


    Follow along step-by-step with carefully crafted prompts for ChatGPT (turning it into your sales page writing assistant and saving you DAYS of writing time)


    Design your sales page for maximum conversions with a fill-in-the-blanks Canva template

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