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On this page you’ll find a selection of templates, workshops and courses to turn your copy from 'meh' into sales-boosting magic.

👉 If you love to DIY, you'll find plenty of options

I love coming up with new ideas and creating products around them, so there will be plenty of new products being created over time.

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Copywriting Templates

Mini-training and templates on how to clean up your email list to improve lead generation

  • Re-engaging your audience provides a fresh start and more take-up for your latest offer

  • Super-easy to use. Simply fill in the highlighted sections as needed, and you're good to go

  • Including bite-sized explainers. Understand the theory behind the strategy for more conversions

A year's worth of weekly newsletter ideas to keep your audience engaged and buying

  • Email prompts with explainers and real-life examples to easily turn into your own

  • Frameworks for storytelling that creates more audience engagement

  • 10 ideas for your email PS

  • Bonus training: Subject Lines That Skyrocket Open Rates

Proven frameworks with real-life examples for posts that generate more leads and sales

  • Posts to grow your email list, FB group, and network

  • Engagment posts, and posts to get more clients

  • Bonus 1: Using ChatGPT to come up with freebie ideas

  • Bonus 2: Database of Facebook groups that allow promotions

Take the guesswork out of creating registration pages that swell your audience

  • Create a freebie registration page

  • Create a masterclass registration page

  • Create a 5-day challenge registration page

  • Bonus: Mini-training on How to Write a Click-Worthy Headline (including 60 proven headline templates)

How to sell your value-packed micro offer, and turn buyers into red hot high-ticket leads

  • 3 social media frameworks for selling your micro-offer

  • Examples and swipes included for every step of each framework

  • Example social media posts written using the frameworks (so you can see them in action)

  • 20 money-making ideas for creating micro-offers (including headlines)

How to come up with ideas for your Black Friday campaign and promote it to your audience

  • Black Friday email templates

  • Black Friday subject lines spreadsheet

  • Black Friday promo ideas

  • Airtable planning and content calender

Your welcome emails need to introduce you and build trust. These sequences work like a charm!

  • Welcome sequences for freebies, 5-day challenges, and masterclasses

  • Bonus 1: Mini-Training How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

  • Bonus 2: A collection of PS statements (swipe file)

Proven frameworks for email sequences that deliver more sales (whatever the occasion)

  • 6 part plug'n'play template with real life examples

  • How to segment your email list

  • Ideas for how to use ChatGPT to support your flash sale

Generate more revenue with email frameworks to fill up your free challenge, webinar, or other "launch trigger"

  • Proven email frameworks for a high-conversion sequence from scratch in under 60 minutes

  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials for 1 x evergreen sales sequences, and 1 x launch trigger sequence

  • Workbooks, swipe files and bonus 100 subject line ideas to boost your email open rates

  • Bonus 2: 90 minute workshop, The 8K Email Formula. Real life case study of the steps to making £8K from an email list of 200


How I made $1000 in 2 days by pre-selling a low-ticket product idea (that took a couple of hours to make)

  • Breakdown of my full strategy (and the sales pyschology behind why it worked)

  • Access to the exact Facebook posts I made, with ideas on how to adapt them

How to create and position a powerful lead magnet that grows your audience

  • A walkthrough on the 4 main steps of a lead magnet funnel, with real-life examples

  • How to find out what your audience wants

  • How to choose your lead magnet

  • Essential tech tools for creating your lead magnet

A set-and-forget audience growth booster system that brings in leads every day (and then generates sales)

  • Copywriting resources suite

  • Registration page templates for: 5-day challenges; webinars/masterclasses; freebies

  • Connect and convert email sequence

  • Social media frameworks

  • Bonus workshop: writing social media posts