The Sales Page Shortcut

Supercharge Sales Of Your Online Course, Program or Service (using the power of ChatGPT)

Recently, I've been working behind the scenes on a system for writing sales pages using ChatGPT.

Long-term, I want to turn this into a self-study give you the step-by-step system for yourself, to use over and over.

But before I release it in that format, I want to stress-test it with actual clients.

Want to be one of them?

In just 60-minutes I'll teach you how to write a sales page that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing ‘copy’)

This is the same process I used to write a sales page that
got a 400% Increase In Conversions

“And as a result of working with Cathy, we signed up 125 members on our latest launch, usually we have 30. So for me…it’s no coincidence that hiring Cathy to write the sales page made this difference.”

Learn how to write a high-converting sales page

You'll write about what you do with such clarity that you'll easily convert your audience into clients

A step-by-step set of AI prompts that are ridiculously easy to follow

Writing a sales page for your new offer doesn’t need to be a long and frustrating experience.

How to ditch blank page syndrome for ever

Learn how to have everything you need at your fingertips to write compelling, authoritative, engaging, and conversion-focused content

Here's how it works:

This is a personalised and step-by-step walkthrough on how to use ChatGPT to write a sales page that converts (without tears, tantrums, or throwing your laptop at the wall)


Book you spot in my calendar through the booking button below.


You fill out a form answering a few key questions about your business and your offer


We hop on Zoom for a 60-minute session where I craft your sales page FOR you (while showing you how I'm doing it, the prompts I'm using, the framework that it all hangs off).


At the end of the call, you have your shiny new sales page.


We schedule a 30 minute follow-up I can help you iron out any voice/messaging kinks that come up for you once you've had a chance to read over it

In just 60-minutes I'll write you a sales page that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing ‘copy’)

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Case Study:   Launched 6-Figure Income Stream

“Cathy helped us write the sales copy for an upsell product that made 5 figure profit and looking like it will become 6 figure revenue stream annually.”

I know that writing sales pages can be daunting. But what if you could...

Get a proven sales copy formula that you just 'plug'n'play'?

My proven framework teaches you how to craft a sales page that sells your courses and programs through authentic persuasion techniques (no sleazy tactics in sight).

Discover how to get ChatGPT to write 80% of your sales page for you

No more brainstorming 'pain points', buring out your creative energy and mostly missing the mark anyway.

Learn a little-known way to position yourself as the expert in your space

When I do this for my clients, they get huge clarity for themselves – as well as more of their audience turning from lurkers into buyers.

Finally know how to describe the transformations people make when working with you

This is extremely useful for you if you get results all the time, but struggle to articulate what they are.

Hi, I’m Cathy

Copywriting is a mix of art and science, and that sweet spot is truly my zone of genius.

I work with online businesses, and create conversion-focused copy for online funnels.

I’ve seen first-hand the impact great copy has on business revenue and sales.

And while sales are great, there are also less tangible benefits.

The confidence of knowing you’re connecting with your perfect people.

The joy of creating impact with your work because your words connect with your ideal soul-clients.

Hiring a copywriter comes with a price tag, and I wanted to create something to help those of you not in a position to outsource right now.

And so we have The 6-Figure Sales Page.

I’ll share the tips, the secrets, the ‘hacks’ I use to write compelling, creative, and conversion-focused copy.

Learn a skill you can use over and over again to make money in your business.

Cathy delivers not only copy that reads like it was me who wrote it, but most importantly,
Cathy’s copy converts very well and that's what we all want, right?

-Lenka Lutonska, Mindset & Business Coach

In just 60-minutes I'll write you a sales page that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing ‘copy’)

Grab one of my limited VIP "Done With You" sessions:

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